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  • August 16, 2014
    Francesca + Leonard
    "We would highly recommend Jillian without hesitation!"
    We hired Jillian Smith and One Touch Events to help us coordinate our wedding this past August 16, 2014. At first, we weren't sure if we needed a wedding coordinator. We initially planned to do most- if not all the wedding planning ourselves. But hiring Jillian for our "day of coordination" was one of the best decisions that we made. One the business side- she was very attentive and responsive from beginning to end. She gave us great advice on other vendors and little things to think about/remember throughout the process. On the practical side- she's just a genuinely nice calm person and easy to be around. This was surprisingly important in the weeks leading up to our wedding and especially on our wedding day. This made us more comfortable and allowed us to really enjoy our special day. We would highly recommend Jillian without hesitation and look forward to finding a reason to use her
  • Event December 2015 - Atlanta
    "I can't really imagine giving another party without Jillian by my side."
    I decided on my previous birthday to give myself a party, so I had a year to prepare. It took me about a month of interviewing planners to find OneTouch Events. Speaking with Jillian on our initial phone interview, I knew she understood the level of quality and class I wanted for my 65th birthday party on New Year's Eve. She immediately went into action to secure me the best venues for this very busy date, and then proceeded to manage every detail, always offering me options along the way, to ensure that my vision was met. She is efficient, patient, well connected with the vendors needed for a successful dinner party, and with a very pleasing personality. I can't really imagine giving another party without Jillian by my side. If you work with her, you will not regret it.
  • Married June 2015 - Athens
    "Jillian did not miss a beat!"
    Before I hired Jillian and OTE, I saw her services in action as I was a bridesmaid in one of the weddings she planned. I was so impressed with Jillian's communication, coordination, and level of preparedness during the weeks leading to the wedding. Although her coordination was excellent, the one thing that "sold" me was her emergency kit. I know it sounds crazy but I am slightly type a and was so ecstatic to see how much thought and planning she put into preparing for all the things that may/will go wrong on the day of. Immediately soon after, I contacted Jillian and we began discussing my ideas. Jillian did not miss a beat. She remembers all of the small details, provided great vendor recommendations, and has an amazing project management software that helps keep everything from vendor quotes to floor layouts organized. I highly recommend Jillian and know that she was key to the reason
  • Married May 2015 - Atlanta
    "OneTouch Events was a joy to work with!"
    Well, truth be told, I felt that Jillian was a friend who just happened to run a very professional business. When we had our initial meeting, I remember that the first thing that I liked about her was that she didn't immediately start to tell us what her business had to offer. Instead, she casually asked my daughter and her fiancee to tell her how they met. She genuinely seemed interested in their story. It seemed important that she got to know them first then she asked questions about what they wanted for the perfect wedding. Jillian was very easy to work with and very accommodating. She kept us on track and allowed us to make decisions but guided us through the process. I consider myself a very organized professional, but we could not have pulled this off without her. My daughter's wedding was absolutely beautiful!!! One Touch Event was a joy to work with! Once
  • Married September 2015
    "I wholeheartedly recommend Jillian!"
    Our wedding day was much more enjoyable knowing that Jillian and her team were keeping up with everything that day. I whole heartedly recommend a wedding planner. She was on top of everything. Jillian was engaged with us several months before the event and had a great knowledge of the day and our needs almost immediately.
  • Married October 2015 - Atlanta
    "I appreciated her attention to detail."
    Jillian is great to work with! She is always very nice, calm, and professional when working with her clients. As a bride, I appreciated her attention to detail, organization skills, and communication skills. For my wedding, I booked the vendors, and Jillian was able to get every vender to coordinate as a team. She really cares about the couples she works with, and she does her best to make sure the wedding day is low stress for the couple. Her team is very friendly and helpful. I am so glad I booked One Touch Events for my wedding. I also had multiple of my wedding venders tell me how much they enjoyed working with Jillian and her team.
  • Married January 2015 - Athens
    "Worth the investment and your trust."
    In each of these categories, Jillian and her team absolutely excelled. We brought Jillian on around July for a January wedding. After interviewing a couple of planners, Jillian stood out for being organized, polite, competent, experienced, and completely professional. She fit in well, as my mother and I (the bride) had already selected most of the major vendors and details. Jillian was able to add value immediately by sharing planning software and coordinating with bride, groom, bride's mother, and all venue personnel. She attended our final meetings with the caterer/reception supervisor and conducted either calls or Skype-meetings with our ceremony officials, band people, photographer and videographer, and florist. She even helped us select our linens and offered ceremony order-of-events suggests. I never felt that I was "on the clock" with Jillian and she was extremely responsive to emails and questions. Let's talk about the weeks leading up to the wedding and the day-of. Jillian really cranked
  • Married September 2014 - Savannah
    "excels in all of the things you had no idea you even needed in a wedding planner."
    Do you need a wedding planner? Yes. Do you need Jillian and OneTouch Events as your wedding planner? Yes! She exceeds expectations of all the things you want in a wedding planner. She is timely, organized, friendly and professional. She has vision, listens, works hard and she gets you good deals. She also excels in all of the things you had no idea you even needed in a wedding planner. Jill is funny! Seriously, she is hilarious. She would have us cracking up on our conference calls. Jill makes you feel like you are not crazy. I especially appreciated this. There were so many things that we as a couple just did not want to do that more traditional weddings did and there were so many things that many people considered to be, well let’s say “unique.” Jill made it all work. Jill is not pushy with her couples. If you need direction she will lead
  • Married May 2014
    "...you made our special day even more special with you great service."
    I would like to say that me and my wife hired OneTouch Events for our wedding as a way to someone coordinate our wedding on the day of. I didn't know what to expect from Jillian, as I was away out of the country and my wife was planning this with her. I am the planner in our relationship, so a little worried at first. I must say Jillian was hitting on all cylinders and went above and beyond my expectation which are very high I must add because I am a stickler for detail, and she is the same. My wife and I was joking about how much Jillian gave us and we just hired her for just one day service. We were thinking just imagine if we had hired her for the entire wedding planning. In short she is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks a lot Jillian, you made our
  • Married July 2014
    "She's definitely the best in the business!"
    I can't say enough positive things about Jillian! She made everything run so smoothly and was on top of every detail that you don't think of when you're planning a wedding. She knew how I was feeling and was able to calm my nerves, wrangle my frustrations, and share in our excitement. It was like working with a friend. She's definitely the best in the business!
  • June 2014
    Rosetta Thurman
    "Thank you for being such a guiding light"
    Thank you for being such a guiding light for me in planning my first 3-day business conference, from managing the venue negotiations, vendor relationships and banquet orders down to the beautiful surprise details of our linens, florals, signage and more. Everything turned out so much better than I ever could have envisioned on my own. I remember telling you that I wanted my training event to be like a wedding, in that everyone who left that room on the last day would be completely in love with my brand. And I can happily say that we achieved that! It has been a honor working with you and I hope that we can continue our partnership for all of our future Happy Black Woman events.
  • Married May 2014
    "It was such a relief to have her taking care of things!"
    I recommend Jillian and OneTouch Events without reservation. Jillian is amazing. From our first contact after my daughter collapsed in tears, completely overwhelmed to our final correspondence Jillian unobtrusively managed myriad details and kept us on track and on schedule. As a frantic mother of the bride, I contacted 4 Atlanta-area planners after 5pm on a Friday, 3 through web forms and a call to Jillian. She left voicemail at 7 that night and called the next morning. After only a few minutes I knew she'd be perfect. She actively listened and asked the right questions so she understood our needs. Frankly I was shocked when she qud her flat fee given what I felt was a very long list of tasks. She assured me that she understood what we needed and qud a fair price; afterwards I asked if she'd had to do more than her fee comfortably covered but she told me it was
  • November 2013 Birthday
    "My event was everything and more than I expected."
    Words can not express how pleased I was with the services of OneTouch Events. Jillian served as the event planner for my milestone birthday. She helped me orchestrate the event from start to finish. I even added another event on to our original agreement. If you want someone who is through, available, open, honest and gives excellent feedback Jillian is the one! I interviewed several planners and she stood above the others. I consider myself to be somewhat particular and sometimes a little too hands on. This can be difficult for some event planners, but Jillian was able to work with me. My event was everything and more than I expected. I received a text the next day inquiring about my event planner. I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation.
  • Married February 2014
    "It was the best decision we made throughout the whole process..."
    We hired Jillian as our day-of-coordinator about two months before our wedding. It was the best decision we made throughout the whole process -- right from the start, she asked us good questions that helped us with our planning, connected us with our remaining vendors, and created invaluable timelines and helped keep us on track. During the big day, she kept us on time and made sure things were running smoothly. As far as we knew, everything went perfectly and it was such a great comfort to know that Jillian was there for us if we had any problems. I would highly, highly recommend hiring her, she is warm, friendly, and excellent at her job!!!
  • Married December 2013
    "I don't think the night could have gone any better!"
    Good Morning Jillian,The last of the house guests left this morning. So now I can take a breath to tell you happy and thrilled I am with the way things turned out. I don't think the night could have gone any better! The flowers and linens where exactly what I wanted! The venue was just perfect!! I was so happy with our turnout of guests and I truly believe that each had a good time. I am still on cloud 9 about it all. Thanks for you help in this process of many moving parts!
  • Married April 2013
    "My only regret is that we didn't hire her earlier in the process..."
    We hired Jillian from OneTouch Events two months before our wedding to be our "day of" coordinator.  It was a great decision.  Jillian was fantastic and helped greatly in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and on the big day!  Throughout, she was professional, attentive, and a pleasure to work with.  The weeks leading up to a wedding are busy, and having Jillian to handle a bunch of the details was really helpful and reassuring!   Jillian created two detailed timelines for the wedding weekend--one that she provided to the vendors, and one that she emailed to the bridal party.  This was great in terms of letting everyone know where to be and when--there were a lot of moving parts and she kept everything organized. In the weeks before the wedding, Jillian contacted all of the vendors and venues to confirm details.  She also put together the out of town guest bags (which included snacks, drinks,
  • March 2014 Birthday
    "...the weekend turned out exactly how I envisioned."
    Jillian was instrumental in bringing my vision for my 40th birthday weekend to life. I knew after the first phone call that I wanted to work with her. Being a Type A personality and wanting to be very hands on, I was very comfortable letting her take the reins. I needed a caterer for two events for the weekend and had it not been for Jillian's suggestions and contacts, we would've been eating cold cuts. The food was a huge success at both events. I had been planning this weekend for nearly 8 months and I could not find one thing that went wrong. We discussed that sometimes things do not go as planned, but the weekend turned out exactly how I envisioned and my family and friends are still praising how organized and smoothly everything went. Jillian is so delightful, easy to work with and while she's keeps a smile at all times, cracks the
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