Meet Jillian

Charismatic, Calculated and Cool

My approach starts with a simple Kiss. Keep ISimple, Suga! I listen to your thoughts, take cues from your personality, and incorporate your ideas. The result? A full sensory event experience that flows together effortlessly that represents YOU! Whether your event calls for an intimate backyard gathering or entails you & your mate making a lifelong commitment to each other, the beauty of the occasion and the love that fills the air is intoxicating. And you should have the opportunity to enjoy each and every moment of it, that’s where I come in!

the rundown:

  • I love a good glass of Malbec
  • I’m a Recipe Perfectionist; literally will make the same dish until it sings to me!
  • Blue is my favorite color, all shades
  • I wish I was a runner. I applaud them. But I’m mean on the elliptical machine :)
  • Though cliche, laughter in large doses is so therapeutic for me and I do so – often! There are rare times you won’t see a smile on my face.

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