Hello, World!

For those of you in the IT world, you have probably used this phrase of “Hello, World” as your very first lesson in writing code. At least, I did back in the 7th grade on some beige computer with a green screen and really loud keyboard come to think about it. As I moved through to more advanced coding classes through college, the technology & methodology became increasingly better, but we used the same message that was familiar and resonated with anyone that read it.

Hi Everyone and Welcome to the re-branded website of OneTouch Events!! This has been a labor of love for months and I’m SO excited to share the finished product with you. Similar to my basic education in writing code, the same holds true for OneTouch Events. With each passing year, we’ve strengthened and perfected a seamless method of design, planning and execution of events for our valued clients turned friends. Our underlying message and core values are still the same – creating a stress-free, full sensory experience based on your event vision, where YOU can fully enjoy the role as Host/Hostess at your event!

I can’t wait to hear what event you have planned that requires just a little “Umph” to jump start the planning and make it tangible! I love a good conversation, so let’s connect soon!


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