Why you should choose OneTouch Events as your Wedding Planner

During the summer of 2014, I had been searching every possible event planning company in Atlanta for an internship. Finally, OneTouch Events popped up and I was immediately interested in the company. The website caught my attention especially since it is blue and that is my favorite color. With a few emails and a meeting with Jillian, I was on the team with OneTouch Events. As of today, I have worked 5 weddings with OneTouch Events and learned more than I could ever ask for. Jillian has taught me a lot and knows exactly what she is doing. There are many excellent wedding planners, but here are a few great reasons why you should hire OneTouch Events to plan your special day.

1) Stress: Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful yet fun events in your life. You should be able to enjoy the engagement with your significant other. OneTouch Events takes all of the stress off of you in order to have a soothing planning process. Jill will help you find vendors, best prices and make sure everything goes as planned on your big day. Just worry about yourself and have a fun engagement. I never know what to expect and each wedding provided a different obstacle or fire to attend to while staying on schedule.

2) You need help making your thoughts into the real thing: OneTouch Events is there for it all. If you have an idea of a linen, but are not certain, OneTouch is there to help you pick the right one. I have seen some indecisive brides, but Jill is there to help you find the latest trends and exactly what you want.

3) Monitoring the vendors: As a bride, I know you don’t want to keep up with the vendors while you are getting your makeup done or have your wedding party in charge of those details either. OneTouch Events is constantly keeping up with the vendors and making sure you are not a part of it. If they have any concerns or issues they will make sure to call OneTouch Events. On your wedding day you sit back, get your makeup done and just worry about getting down the aisle.


4) Someone to confide in: Weddings are a very emotional time in a person’s life. You are about to say “I do” to spending the rest of your life with somebody. Jillian is a very good listener and can help you in any situation you’re in. She is someone who can be more than just your wedding planner, but your friend as well. I’ve seen a few times where someone has pulled her to the side just to vent or receive her feedback. Having that person that actually cares about you as a person is completely priceless.

5) Helping with the budget: Brides sometimes tend to go off their budget when planning. It is very hard to keep up with a budget especially when you want everything. OneTouch Events is there to help you lay out a budget and help you guide you with making the tough decisions.

Planning a wedding is never easy, but with someone like Jillian at the helm, the process will be stress free and very enjoyable for you and your fiancé. I am proud to be apart of the team and lend a helping hand in the success of each event day!