How To Choose Your Wedding Date

For some, choosing your wedding date comes easy. It could be the day you first met, your first date, an anniversary, or another memorable occasion. As a bride or groom, you may very well know the date you’ve always wanted to get married, so when the proposal comes, it’s easy to dive into planning with all of that new excitement. However, there’s a few things you should keep in mind before getting too attached to any certain date.


Do you have your heart set on a venue that you just know would be the perfect place for your nuptials? If so, contact them as soon as possible to schedule a walk through and consultation. During this time, you can discuss possible wedding dates and see if your specific date is available. If it is, that’s great! Lock it in asap! There’s nothing more important than your preferred venue and your preferred date coming together seamlessly.

If it’s not available then you have a decision to make. Which is more important, the venue or the date? If it’s the date, then you should start shopping around with your wedding planner for other venues that are comparable to your original choice, or you may never know, you could find a hidden gem that you never knew existed! If the venue is more important than your date, then start by asking which dates the venue has available and narrow down your possibilities with your soon to be spouse. Your wedding planner can really help you in this area as they will know any major happenings going on around individual dates that could have an effect on your guests coming into town for example.

Regardless, if it’s the date or the venue that holds the higher precedence for you, you should always be aware of the fact that no date or venue is secured without a signed contract and deposit paid. Many couples assume that once a walk through has been completed and a verbal commitment executed that the date is secure and they begin booking other vendors around that. This is not true. Protect yourself by enlisting in the help of an awesome wedding planner that can help you with reviewing your contracts and organizing your vendors or at the very least a month of coordinator that can pull all of the details you’ve planned on your own into a seamlessly executed affair.


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It’s always important to keep in mind when holidays fall for your wedding year, use this holiday checker to make sure that you are aware of any major holiday that could impact your date.

OneTouch Events is always happy to help you secure your date and/or venue of choice when it comes to making your wedding day dreams a reality.