Wedding Day Countdown :: April & Brian

It’s time for another OneTouch Events Wedding Day Countdown!

Talk about falling in love with the girl next door…well Brian did exactly that! After April bought a house in Brian’s neighborhood, the two started hanging out with mutual friends. Their attraction came very natural and here we are five years later, putting the finishing touches on their wedding weekend! So glad she chose the right house guy. 😉

When I initially met with April & Brian, I asked them both what they really loved about the other and here is what they had to say:

Brian on April: She’s really good for him and they have great times with each other. April is honest and doesn’t sugar coat which he appreciates.

April on Brian: The two of them are truly friends and even after spirited debate or arguments, they do not stay mad at each other. They both keep each other’s best interest in mind. 

If you ask me, I think they have the keys to a lasting marriage. I’ve enjoyed so much being able to help these two love birds bring their vision to life and we’re looking forward to falling in love with the weather this weekend as well.

April & Brian met up with photographer, Dwight Ladd of Ladd Photo to take some engagement photos and I’m loving how their personalities just exude in them. They really are a fun pair to be around and I can’t wait for the festivities of their wedding this Saturday!

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