Wedding Day Countdown :: Jamie & Paul

Last fall, Paul decided to surprise Jamie with a photo shoot in the park for their anniversary. Complete with his tandem bike, he thought it would be a fun and romantic idea. Jamie was of course up for it as he had booked her favorite photographer, Stacey Bode. Little did Jamie know, Paul had another surprise in his pocket. As they were having their photos taken, this was the perfect moment for Paul to get down on bended knee and propose to Jamie! She was taken by surprise and of course she said yes! We’re so happy that Stacey was there to capture their moment. The look on Jamie’s face is priceless.

When I meet with couples for the first time I love to ask them what they love most about the other and here is what we discussed in the initial conversation:

Paul described Jamie as “Awesome!” She brings him out of his shell. Jamie describes Paul as very calm, polite, and makes an effort to engage in conversation. He grounds Jamie.

Both Jamie & Paul have a love of the arts so they frequent going to plays and improv shows together in addition to outdoors activities such as hiking. 

This weekend Jamie & Paul will say I Do as OneTouch Event’s last couple of this season. We couldn’t be more excited to finish off another incredible year of events and weddings than by sharing the love with these two.

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