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OneTouch Events: Team Introductions

Atlanta's top wedding and event planning team - Russell Simon

Hey there! We’re back to introduce you to another one of our fabulous team members! Please meet Russell Simon who joined the OneTouch Events Team in December 2014. Russell was born & raised in South Carolina and graduated with a degree in Accounting from South Carolina State University.  Upon graduation, Russell relocated to Atlanta to…

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Three Fun Ways to Bond with Your Bridesmaids

Guest post by Ginny Krauss of The Wedding Concierge **** We all know how it is when life gets busy, you don’t always have time to see the people you love the most. This can be especially true when you are knee deep in planning a wedding! Perhaps you’ve asked your best girls to be…

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OneTouch Events Team Introductions : Megan

Atlanta's top wedding and event planning team - Megan Siegenthaler

Hey there! We have been hard at work executing some absolutely fabulous events during the first half of 2016 & I wanted to take the time to introduce you to the amazing team that makes up OneTouch Events! Without these guys, OTE wouldn’t be what it has grown to become today. Over the next few…

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