Three Fun Ways to Bond with Your Bridesmaids

Guest post by Ginny Krauss of The Wedding Concierge


We all know how it is when life gets busy, you don’t always have time to see the people you love the most. This can be especially true when you are knee deep in planning a wedding! Perhaps you’ve asked your best girls to be your bridesmaids but you want to do something a little more than the traditional bridal showers and bachelorette parties in order to bond with your best gal pals?

Here are three fun ways to help you bond with your bridesmaids!

Plan a Fun Photo Shoot!

Instead of waiting for the special day to take pictures, why not plan a fun girls day out photo shoot before the big day? It can be as glam or casual as you want it to be! Picnic in the park, girls night out theme, or how about a pillow fight? That sounds so much fun! Don’t forget the wine!

Another fun photo shoot idea is a Rock the Dress session with your girls once you are all married. This is a great way to put your dress back on and get to be brides all over again with your girlfriends! Take it a step further and plan a fun trip to do it, say PARIS for instance?!

Mani / Pedi Sleepover!

Sometimes it is difficult to arrange the time to get all of your girls to the spa prior to the big day. Maybe only a few of you are able to end up sitting together. There are many services that come to you, so why not book a mani/pedi sleep over at the hotel the night before? This way, you can all stay in and enjoy each other’s company without all of the hassle.


Image by Bree Thurston

Girls Night In AKA Wine Party!

When we say Girls Night In, we know that actually means WINE PARTY! Bring your favorite wines, order in, or better yet, have a caterer bring and set up your favorite foods and wine parings. Make it something special and memorable. You can do this at anytime leading up to the big day. This would make a fun pairing with our first choice of a photo shoot.

We hoped you enjoyed these ideas and if you need help planning, you know just the person to call!