Orlando Wedding :: Whitney + Alvin

We’re so excited to have our Associate Planner, Briana joining us as a contributor to the OneTouch blog! Briana is here to share with us about her experience with full planning for OneTouch Couple, Whitney & Alvin in Orlando, Florida.


“Cool Beans!”

That was the go to phrase for a very nervous bride Whitney Lamb during the planning and on the weekend of her wedding to her best friend of many moons Alvin Lamb Jr.. I have known Whitney for 20+ years and never had I heard her use the term “cool beans” before. But it was a statement of relief for me as her wedding planner because it always followed an answer I had given to one of her multitudes of questions. It reassured me that I had properly planned and prepared for all the things that could potentially come to her and Alvin’s mind throughout their wedding planning experience. And “cool beans” was never accompanied with follow up questions because I was able to provide full understanding through the first explanation.

My time with OneTouch Events and under the tutelage of owner, Jillian Smith has taught me how to prepare for all possibilities of planning. Whitney and Alvin hired me for their wedding day management coordinator. Even without helping them make some initial decisions such as their Orlando, Fl. venue location, caterer, or DJ I was able to meet them at their point of planning. One Touch has trained me on how to form relationships with unknown vendors, review contracts, schedule check ins, and prepare timelines, all for the sake of creating a flawless wedding or event. In the midst of a growing head count of uninvited guest. (It happens ;-)) But my job as their planner and any client’s planner was and always will be to execute their vision. And do so with a smile.

It can be a bit intimidating to be in charge of some of the most important days of two peoples lives. It is especially intimidating when you have known the client for two decades and they put their trust in you. But when you know you are prepared, you love love as much as I do, and you have a team like mine, all feelings of intimidation quickly fade away. It was an overwhelming feeling of joy to know my OneTouch experience and learning could help make Whitney and Alvin’s wedding visions, their wedding reality. And very soon my first OneTouch Wedding baby will be born!!

Photos by Nicole Faust Photography

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Vendor Team:

Venue: Crystal Ballroom on the Lake (Altamonte, FL)

Planning – OneTouch Events – Briana Jones

Photography – Nicole Faust Photography

Florals – Keria’s Kreations

Decor Rentals – Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Bakery – Aunti Gingerbread

DJ – Maestros DJ & Lighting

Hair – Shayla C. Hestle

Makeup – Brittany Johnson

Officiant – Pastor John Simmons