OneTouch Events Couple: Caryn + Henry’s Atlanta Engagement Session

Hello OneTouch Family! Can you believe its already August?! This summer wedding season has flown by.

To kick off the month of August we are spotlighting one of the sweetest couples to date, Caryn Bradford +Henry Duncan. Their nuptials are impending THIS WEEKEND and we are already internally holding in all the happy tears. #slamduncanlove

The Couple:
Caryn and Henry an IT Security Advisor met way back in the 10th grade at a Music Festival in Montgomery AL. Like most young men at that age, Henry had all the butterflies for Caryn, but couldn’t strike up the courage to speak to her.
Fast forward to a few years later and they both ended up attending The University of Alabama, where SURPRISE SURPRISE they became best friends. Henry recalls a surge of feelings hit him their senior year at the thought of not seeing Caryn everyday, “I knew I had feelings for her because I was genuinely sad I’d no longer get to see her once I moved away for my new job.” Eventually, fate and years of hidden love tucked away, SURPRISE SURPRISE they both ended up in Atlanta, where Henry finally worked up the courage to ask her on a date. “We’ve been attached ever since.”
Are you already falling in love with them?! Wait.. there’s more.
The Proposal:
We don’t often hear from the point of view of the Groom, so to tell this story right I have to hand it off to Henry.
“I knew that Caryn is very nosy so hiding a proposal from her would not be easy. With this in mind, I arranged for us to attend a wine tasting at one of our favorite venues in Atlanta’s Ponce City Market. At that time we had been going on wine tastings at least once a month so it was a routine day out for us.
What she didn’t know…… is that this time I had invited her immediate family and closest friends to meet us after the tasting was over. (They were all in on the surprise.) As soon as the tasting was over Caryn was shocked to see one of her best friends from out of town (who is also a photographer) waiting outside of the door. She was confused asking “what are you doing here!?” at this point I was so nervous that I couldn’t wait for anyone else to show up and ruin the surprise so I proposed right there on the spot and luckily her friend was able to capture everything on camera. The rest of Caryn’s friends and family popped up and shortly after, we celebrated together the rest of the night.” Caryn pretty much laughs at everything, so we can only imagine the joyful laughter this surprise pulled out of her!
When we asked Caryn & Henry what they were most looking forward to most as the wedding day approaches they both responded with, “The honeymoon! After a year of wedding planning and always being on the go we expect to unwind in St.Lucia and enjoy each others company at our beautiful resort.”

Their Urban/Chic wedding is truly one to look forward to, from a roaming reception, non-traditional seating and a view of downtown Atlanta that takes your breath away. Take a look at some of their engagement pictures shot by Love in Motion Photography at the location of their engagement, Ponce City Market.


Photography: Love In Motion