OneTouch loves Dubsado: A peak inside our processes

Proposals & Contracts? CHECK.

Workflows & Messaging? CHECK.

Automation? Life-saving CHECK!

Invoicing? Yassss GIVE US THAT CHECK!

Yes, this is an entire blog post directly related to our love of all things Dubsado! A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about how Systems saved my Event Planning Business, and they still do to this day.

At the time of pinning this blog, I didn’t have a true CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool in place. We were still bootstrapping it in documents and emails then came Dubsado and our automation world turned right side up!

What’s so great about Dubsado? Well, pull up chair, let’s have a chat…

We use Dubsado to manage our clients from inquiry to execution and it’s well worth the investment 10x over. You see, when you’re a small business, you think “I don’t have the money to invest in a CRM.”

From one Business Owner to another, you don’t have the time NOT to invest in your CRM. Your time is money honey, and this is what Dubs does, save you TIME to make your money!

I’m here to tell you how implementing Dubs (can I call you Dubs??) has increased our revenue:

How Dubs Delivers for OneTouch Events:

  • User Friendly UI (User Interface to the non-technical) which requires little to no technical training from the start up
  • Project Based – which is music to this past IT Project Managers ears! Your organization will be on another stratosphere with each new lead…say bye bye to 32,527 messages in your inbox.
  • Easy to Build Forms, Proposals, Contracts and Invoices – I lumped this all into one because this flows right into my next bullet point which is….
  • Workflow Management – Instead of manually pushing the button, you can easily setup your workflows based on your business process. For example: Lead Form captures Lead, Lead is entered into Dubs, Lead is categorized based on your criteria. BOOM – your Lead Generation workflow is done and you’re able to get to conversion quicker. Workflows = more time in your day.
  • Messaging – Canned emails have saved my life. Now, We aren’t robots with it, but we do like to have the base email ready to send and tweak based on the prospect request. Stop retyping the same email….it’s INSANITY!!
  • Team Inclusion – Have contractors, virtual assistants, full time staff? No problem. You can invite your team to manage work projects while you’re focused on other business operations.

The list literally can go on! Now you may have taken a couple sips of coffee and said, now how did Dubsado increase YOUR revenue?

I’m so glad you asked! You see, with MORE TIME in the day to focus on your sales, your team, your clients and LESS TIME managing the 37 sticky notes and wading through your inbox for one project.

We are able to RESPOND TIMELY with our workflows set in place, which in our society, you snooze, you lose money.

We also saw a 130% increase in our sales from the first year using Dubs. How? We made it EASY FOR THE CLIENT to accept the proposal, sign the contract and make the payment in 3 easy clicks.

Are you ready to establish yourself and your business as credible, bonafide operational powerhouse, it’s time to Level Up and get organized!

I can talk systems literally all day long. HMU if you are still on the fence if Dubsado is right for you~!