Team #OneTouch – Hey, I’m Val!

Meet Valeria Miranda, Associate Planner.

It seems like only yesterday Val interviewed for one of our open intern roles a couple years ago and now a OneTouch Events Associate Planner! Val nurtures our clients from onboarding to their event weekend and supports our internal daily operations. On Event weekends, she’s a Lead Planner for our Wedding Management clients, Social Events and Business Retreats! Follow her behind the scenes via her instagram page.

Once Touch Events Brand Shoot 2019 – Mecca Gamble Photography

What are your sources of inspiration?

My sources of inspiration are enhanced by Textiles, Travel, Fashion, + Architecture. All are interconnected and enhance the world with color, texture, dimension and bring it to life.

I’m inspired by the feel of a velvet linen and the dimension layering rugs create to enhance a space. Textiles move me by the variety in patterns, and the utilization of a fabric. Traveling offers a landscape of culture that lives and breaths what it speaks, as it invites you to taste, feel, and experience life at its fullest.  

Fashion inspires as it’s ever changing and moving forward, yet never forgets to take note of the past, and honors it in the most thoughtful of ways. Architecture offers us clean lines, a blueprint, thoughtfully articulated, and built from the bottom up to remind us the world is limitless, yet has its boundaries.

What would you say is your Event Planning superpower?

One of my superpowers is connecting to the client’s vision and imagining on the spot to bring it life. Once I understand the emotion behind their vision, the goal behind their event, I am able to connect with them on a personable level. Their event becomes my event! I thrive off innovation, challenging the norm, and utilizing resources that are untapped to produce a unique event experience.

What are some of your hobbies outside of this crazy world of Event Planning?

I live to eat + travel to eat. I enjoy collecting Vogue over the years, scrolling through “The EveryGirl” daily, with a cocktail in hand. Being constantly in tune to what is happening in our world, I am on a mission to explore ways to actively play my part to be civically mindful and engaged.