Let’s Talk First Look

What is it: A first look is designed for you and your honey to get a glimpse of each other and share all the warm and fuzzies BEFORE your ceremony and walking down the aisle. You share a private moment as a couple prior to your guests seeing you. You can use this time to share your personal vows, take photos, or simply be in each other’s presence before the ceremony to give each other some x’ + o’s. 

Let’s discuss why OneTouch Events is #teamfirstlook. Couples have shared every reason under the sun why they have reservations towards a first look. We get it! You want to feel all your feelings walking down the aisle while you catch each other’s eyes, you want to make each other cry, you don’t want to ruin the moment.

We understand! Trust us. As folks that attend weddings at LEAST 5 times a month, we are here to share a big secret. A first look does NOT ruin “the moment”. And the couple is never happier than when they decide to share the first look.

Follow along with us as we dive into the reasons OTE is #teamfirstlook below. 

First Look Anticipation
First Look Surprise
First Look Magic

#1 Warm + Fuzzies: A first look creates the opportunity for not just one moment of these feelings, but allows for a wow factor twice. The way you’ll feel seeing each other in private, is an intimacy that can’t be put into words. It is a distinct feeling of, wow this is who I am making a commitment to. For just a few moments the rest of the world washes away and it truly is the both of you. (Plus photographer and videographer discreetly wiping tears on the side). The private moment before the ceremony reminds you what the purpose of wedding day truly is about, to unify two souls in love. 

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#2 Anxious butterflies: Wedding day can have many stressful moments, but once the anxiety kicks in for the bride or groom 9/10, we find a first look always helps puts them at ease. You’re brought back to earth for a few moments, seeing your partner and being reminded what wedding day is about. You have the ability to take away the pressure of walking down an aisle in the midst of a sea of people. 

#3 Time!!: Wedding days have a timeline, and when you have OneTouch Events as your Wedding Planner, we are sure to run a tight boat to ensure we are running on time and smoothly. With a first look, your time instantly increases for private moments + as well as photos. Typically, if there is no first, wedding party and family portraits are all saved for after the ceremony. However, with a first look, we are blessed with an additional time frame. You as a couple are able to take bridal portraits during daylight hours *key for that extra good lighting*.

This also allows for your wedding party to head over to cocktail hour faster, as most photos have been done prior to. You as a couple to have more time for a private moment and actually taste your cocktail hour food. Basically, time is our best friend.  

We hope this has been informative and given you food for thought on giving a first look a second thought. 

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