Top 3 Tips for Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

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In our 3-part holiday party planning series, we dive into 3 really quick tips to aide in the initial planning stages of your holiday party.

Have you been tasked with planning the company’s holiday party, client appreciation or sales team outing? Not yet…well it’s coming! And every year, the first week of December rolls around and someone, in an office near you will say, “oh no, we haven’t planned a thing yet!”,

The panic then ensues; “Let’s send out an email and have this event next week before holiday vacations start!” …then less than 30% of employees are available because you’ve waited too late.

It happens every year and we’re here to help you with the Top 3 Tips in planning for your company’s holiday party.

Tip #1: You have a natural venue space, use it!

Do you have an office building with an open floor plan in the lobby, on a terrace or rooftop? How about your own private parking lot? Utilizing a space that your company has access to will slash the site selection process in half!

If your team’s celebration requires an offsite location, now is the time to book! Holiday parties during the workweek are the most sought after dates and the calendars filling quickly!

Tip #2: Send your Save the Dates ASAP!

Our rule of thumb: Do not communicate a date for the holiday party (or any event) until you have secured your event venue. Why? You’ll be tied to that date once communicated, and the site selection may become a challenge. In Tip #1, if you have the privilege of access to your own event space, you can quickly get these invites out!

The quicker the better so that you can properly plan for the headcount for Food, Beverage (’tis the season for libations and plenty of them!) and floor planning.

Moreover, this same headcount will help in the advance order of any company gifts and awards, and whatever else is important to solidify the celebration.

Tip #3: Hire the Experts – Let your team ENJOY the celebration

Oftentimes, planning of your company’s holiday party falls in the hands of your amazingly talented, yet overworked Executive Admin, Marketing Manager or team volunteers. As much as these ladies and gentlemen enjoy planning an event, their end of year workloads can prove stressful to fully execute such a celebratory occasion.

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In addition, these same team members are stuck with the sweaty setup, registration, managing timeline, etc., on event day. They as valued members of the organization are unable to celebrate or be celebrated.

Hiring an Event Planning and/or Event Management for your holiday party to being their right hand in planning & executing this event will be a win-win all around.

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