Planning a Conference Event with IMPACT

Before we dive in, let’s begin with a little *inhale, exhale* exercise. A moment to take it all in because we are feeling SO FULL y’all. 

Recalling out first conversations surrounding Impact Weekend and Maya Elious’ infectious energy, we can’t help but smile about how ferociously she prepared to serve all the women in the room and beyond.

When planning a 3-day transformational enrollment event of this magnitude, the integrity of the brand is crucial. Our process is three-fold:

  1. Strategic Goal Definition 
  2. Attendee Engagement 
  3. Subtly and strategically design an experiential experience that encompasses the company’s goals for the event, the brand and exudes the same person Maya’s community felt was their best friend online, showing up as that same person in real life.

 Details matter for this event planning trifecta to show up in every way. 

This effort was achieved the moment the ladies arrived for registration at 7 AM bright and early at the W Midtown Atlanta. Each attendee was greeted with a customized name badge indicating their attendee status of VIP or General. Printed on the back, each attendee received her very own personalized business affirmation, a reminder of what they are capable of, meticulously curated by Maya and her team. 

The thread of attendee design was threaded through the conference collateral, thorough workbook designs, VIP canvas totes, and customized Impact Weekend beverage tumblers. Each graphic, beautifully crafted by Jasmine Easter, carefully made with the most vibrant colors and images. We chose to bring the richness of the event, by selecting quality paper products and finishings, making a lasting impression on each attendee.  

Maya had a series of words used in her requests for how the room should feel and look; clean, warm, airy, modern, minimalistic. This began with a clean stage design. Starting with a white backdrop as our canvas, we pulled inspiration from the brand’s earthy elements by adding tropical greenery accents infused with pops of gold, mid-century modern furniture to create a welcoming presentation stage, and other accent decor selections to perfect the look. 

Corporate, but make it trendy.

If Maya’s clients were any indication of what attendees look for at conference events, it’s a warm room. The stage elements allowed for Maya’s conversation to flow in a very conversational manner. Teaching graciously and humbly on her stage made it feel like you were hanging out with a girlfriend sharing some wisdom.

Maya’s community is a reflection of her soul. She attracts spirits with as much energy and fierceness as hers. The fashion all funneled directly from Maya and her carefully curated looks for each day. The attendees showed up not playin’ any games. This sense of self-care, confidence, and pride in how the ladies showed up for the weekend created was met with a conference room layout that fostered collaboration, focused learning and ease of transition between speaking modules.

From Paper to Pita Chips

As part of the catering profile, attendees were blown away by the thoughtful play on nutritious Sweet & Savory breaks throughout the day. From an Arden’s Garden and a Parfait spread with all of the accompaniments for a well balanced mid-morning snack. to an afternoon break of assorted chips and dips including naan, pita, hummus, and savory salsa. The ladies were blown away raving about the snacks Maya provided them, and how taken care of they felt. 

Head held high, twerkin’ real low.

If you didn’t make it to Impact Weekend, FOMO was achieved not just by the pretty Instagram photos by Mecca Gamble Photography, but by the testimonials the women in the room shared. Each attendee left on day 3 with a physical change in how they were going to achieve their business boss goals outside of the room, and in their real lives. 

To relive Impact Weekend in motion, check out the recap video, masterfully captured by C2 Production Co.