Benefits of Smaller Corporate Events

There’s no denying it; COVID-19, Coronavirus, the ‘Rona, has shaken up the event industry in one fatal swoop. 

The look of events will forever change, but this is a silver lining! We’ve seen the transition of event sizes as Speakers, Trainers, and Online Educators have narrowed their focus well before the pandemic. 

When events are tailored to a laser-focused clientele, we have witnessed a higher rate of return in content absorption, engagement, controllable expenses, and most importantly a high rate of return on SALES, both on-site as well as after the event.

Popular Small / Intimate Events 


1/2 day to 2-day workshops focusing on a single program with an option to upsell works best when you have 50 or less in the room. Group Masterminds, upcoming retreats, and 1:1 Coaching sales have stellar returns in this event structure. 

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4-7 day retreats, with 15 or fewer attendees boast a high rate of social and financial return. Your attendees have more 1:1 interaction with you as their coach and the cultivation of community with attendees is immeasurable. Retreats offer the immersion of instruction and cultural experiences in a safe-away-from-home environment. Upcoming retreats and extensions to group programs have proven great returns with this event structure.

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Tour Stops

A few hours spent providing content with an upsell to a current online program or upcoming live event, with an audience of 75 or less, has seen an on-site conversion rate of over 30% and another 10-15% in post-event sales. 

In-person interaction and networking will never vanish. The accessibility to you as the coach has proven a key factor in event sales and brand solidification.  

Our goal is to work with you on creating an event strategy that creates a welcoming environment for your attendees to learn that also maximizes your sales goals. 

The way we gather may have changed for the moment, but these smaller events have staying power! Let’s strategize your next event, contact us!