Wedding Planning During COVID – A Guide

Hey Everyone!!

We’ve entered into month 3,000,000,000 of the Pandemic and when I tell you it’s been a roller coaster of planning, re-planning, postponing, and moving forward decisions at the OneTouch Events camp, the word roller coaster would be an understatement; more like a tsunami!

Even with the initial lockdown and postponing of events earlier in the year, we still had the opportunity to work with clients to reimagine their events, to keep them on the calendar. The OneTouch Events Team has safely planned, designed, and managed beautiful weddings this Fall season, with safety protocols at the helm.

Here are a few ideas as you reimagine your wedding celebrations, as we all actively search for the light at the end of the COVID19 tunnel:

Limit Your Guest List

Covid is a great excuse to not invite the distant cousin you haven’t spoken to in 12 years. But seriously, as you create an event that is reflective of the two of you, inviting those that are most important to you should be high on the list as well.

Photo Credit: Elle Danielle Photography

Limiting to the closest family members and friends will help as you navigate regulations set forth by your local government as well as create a safe environment for your guests to celebrate your love.

Focus on the Details

Remember the custom dinner napkins you cut from the wedding budget due to planning for 250 guests? Guess what, with 50 guests, you can bring that lovely personalized detail back into your design plan! With celebrations becoming much more intentional, you and your guests will appreciate, cherish and notice those personalized details!

Implement Safety Protocols

Masks, Face shields, Sanitizer, oh my! Creativity is at an all-time high as we’ve designed intimate seating options, personalized meal and beverage services, and yes, custom facemasks to support a safe celebration for all in attendance.

Embrace Technology

Zoom anyone? No, this isn’t a sponsored post, but at this point, everyone has some level of experience with a video conferencing app and have celebrated at home with those they could not attend in person. With a reduced headcount, consider adding a streaming component to include those that are uncomfortable with attending and those that didn’t make the intimate in-person guest list.

Communicate Communicate Communicate!

In all that we do, communication is the key. Sending messages to guests ahead of time to inform them of what to expect upon arrival helps the level set the celebration. And be ready to receive questions from guests as well. The more they know, the more they are comfortable in finalizing their YES or NO RSVP. The same holds true for communicating your safety requirements to your wedding vendors.

Now more than ever are families and friends looking forward to being in a space with the ones they love. As your planning team, we can dream up and implement the best way to keep the celebration alive and on the calendar. Let’s Chat More! Yes, I promise I’m smiling under this mask 🙂

Let’s get to planning!!