June 2015

Kelli + David

Jillian did not miss a beat!

Before I hired Jillian and OTE, I saw her services in action as I was a bridesmaid in one of the weddings she planned. I was so impressed with Jillian’s communication, coordination, and level of preparedness during the weeks leading to the wedding. Although her coordination was excellent, the one thing that “sold” me was her emergency kit. I know it sounds crazy but I am slightly type a and was so ecstatic to see how much thought and planning she put into preparing for all the things that may/will go wrong on the day of. Immediately soon after, I contacted Jillian and we began discussing my ideas. Jillian did not miss a beat. She remembers all of the small details, provided great vendor recommendations, and has an amazing project management software that helps keep everything from vendor quotes to floor layouts organized. I highly recommend Jillian and know that she was key to the reason that we had a stress free, drama free, and classic wedding experience. Even a month after my day, I am still getting questions about who coordinated everything!

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