Meet Jillian


Jillian’s love of entertaining dates back to high school, when she planned holiday parties with her friends. As time went on and she honed her skills, she planned and hosted a wide range of events, from specialty theme parties to intimate group functions and beautiful weddings to professional corporate events. Knowing she’d found the secret sauce to planning successful events, Jillian decided to take the leap from her corporate job and begin marketing her services outside her network of friends and relatives to launch OneTouch Events.

Her approach to event planning is simplicity. She takes cues from you to package the personality and feel of your event into something that is uniquely you. She’s drawn to the streamlined, sleek approach to executing a grand affair and infuses technology and planning tools into her events—for a simple and effective process. She pairs her right-brained organization with her creative left brain for the perfect event and biggest “Wow” factor.


Fun Facts

Jillian loves to cook and is a recipe perfectionist, making the same dish until it sings to her.

She wishes she was a runner, but instead is mean on the elliptical!

And she’s still the master planner behind her girls’ nights out with her girlfriends because, well, she just can’t turn it off at the end of the day!

Megan Siegenthaler

Born and raised in Atlanta, Megan has had a passion for event planning since eighth grade when she started planning parties and trips for friends and family members. She graduated from Georgia State University in May 2015 and joined Veterinary Study Groups as an event planner (while working for us on the side—she likes to keep busy!).

Megan enjoys event planning simply to see everything come together so everyone can have a good time. If the guests and the host are enjoying themselves, then she knows she did the job right. She works great under pressure, which motivates her to keep moving.

When she’s not working, Megan enjoys spending time with her friends and family and traveling (to the beach, preferably).

Fun Facts:

Megan has an obsession with the show One Tree Hill and could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day.

Russell Simon

Russell was born and raised in South Carolina and earned a degree in accounting from South Carolina State University. He relocated to Atlanta in 2014 to pursue a career in the events industry, and the rest is history! He prides himself on being imaginative and bold and he works to operate with a positive, internal light every day.

Russell loves event planning because it means he can transition someone else’s dream into reality and be a part of someone’s happy day. He loves watching couples gaze at one another on their wedding day and witnessing the love they share.

Fun Facts:

Russell makes the best lasagna in the world (and we can attest to that!) and he doesn’t know how to whistle (despite several attempts and tutorials).

Samantha Barton

Samantha is a native Atlantan and has been in event planning since 2013. She believes that the people we meet in life have a purpose, and that’s exactly how she felt when she met our fearless leader. She feels that Jillian knew her passion for wanting to be a part of someone’s big day and she knows that she comes into our clients’ lives to help bring their big day to that magical happy ending.

What drives Samantha to excel in her role is the smile on the bride’s face. She loves helping to make sure that everything the bride dreamed about comes together seamlessly. She also gets great joy in the look the father gives his daughter when he spins her around the dance floor as if she is still his little princess.

Fun Facts:

Samantha loves, loves, loves country music!