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Featured on Munaluchi Bride

Real {Birmingham} Engagements: Velisha + Mario


Velisha and Mario’s engagement featured on The Coordinated Bride showcases the love, playfulness and perfection that describes their story to the altar. Velisha also offers a few nuggets of advice from the Bride-to-be perspective.

Featured {Atlanta} Wedding: Octavia & Christopher


Octavia & Christopher’s July 2014 wedding at 103 West in Buckhead showcased the talents and creativity of our couple’s personalities through vibrant hues of fuchsia and navy, engaging activities for each guest and signature cocktails that were enjoyed by all.

Real {Atlanta} Engagements: Jenna & Derrick


Jenna and Derrick have the classic college sweetheart love story. As featured on Black Bride, the Couple highlights how they met, the Christmas engagement and insight into their wedding planning process with OneTouch Events.

Featured {Atlanta} Wedding: Leonard & Francesca


As featured on MunaLuchi Bridal Magazine, OneTouch Events Couple Leonard & Francesca married in August 2014 at Flint Hill in Norcross, GA. From the gorgeous stained-glass surroundings of the church to the cultural spice, the entire wedding celebration was a moving experience for all.

Vintage Wedding & Party Inspiration


Long lost love rekindled, elaborate mansion parties, the roaring twenties and Mint Juleps were some of the inspirational cues the talented team of creatives used in styling this wedding photo shoot. This shoot was taken on an absolutely gorgeous Wednesday in March, which was perfect for the indoor/outdoor images. The sun was high, the sky was blue and the weather was a crisp 55 degrees. Inspired by the book and recent remake of the movie, The Great Gatsby, we brought Jay’s home to the South, where everything is sweeter and envisioned the tragic ending transformed into a happily ever after with his lady love, Daisy.